Live from France… It’s The Pietist Schoolman Podcast

Last week Sam Mulberry and I recorded a “live” version of our podcast Nothing Rhymes With Gehrz while we were in London, the first stop on our World War I travel course. We then headed to that war’s former Western Front for two days in Ypres and the Somme, and from there to the beaches of Normandy, to start connecting the First World War to the Second. (Here’s what one of our students thought of that stage of the tour.) We’re now in Paris, and before we take the train to Munich to wrap up the course, we thought we’d pause to record one more live podcast: a brief extension of the fourth season of The Pietist Schoolman Podcast.

Dune on Omaha Beach
Dune on Omaha Beach – all photos CC BY-SA 4.0 Chris Gehrz

In case you missed those episodes last November… Sam and I recorded a travelogue, talking about our favorite memorials, museums, masterpieces, and meals from London, the Western Front, Paris, and Munich. Since neither of us had been there at that point, we punted on Normandy. But after our tour of those WWII sites last Friday and Saturday, we wanted to offer our four M’s for Normandy, touching on everything from the American military cemetery and some German ruins to breakfast in Bayeux and our indefatigable guide, Carl Ooghe.

Ruined German cannon
German artillery at Longues-sur-Mer

Click here to stream or download the episode from Sam’s Live from AC 2nd network.