That Was The Week That Was

Here… • In some ways it’s not strong enough, in other ways it’s too strong, but it’s what I think about the Nashville Statement. (For another perspective… a British evangelical tried to explain why he signed the Nashville Statement, even though he regarded it as “far from perfect” and worried that its credibility was damaged.) … More That Was The Week That Was

That Was The Week That Was

This links wrap is a few hours later than usual because I spent the morning in Minneapolis celebrating the graduation of my brother Jon, who earned his doctorate in education. Congratulations, Dr. Gehrz! And I have no Pietist Schoolman posts to remind you of, since I was busy getting ready for the start of classes next week … More That Was The Week That Was

On Charlottesville: “This Is Not My Country”

“This is not my country.” That’s what I wanted to believe yesterday, as I stumbled back from a week-long vacation in the Rocky Mountains into the ugly events transpiring in Charlottesville, Virginia. Having intentionally tried to avoid the news in order to savor time with my family, it was bewildering to check social media in … More On Charlottesville: “This Is Not My Country”

That Was The Week That Was

Here… • I missed TWTWTW last Saturday because we were visiting Charles Lindbergh’s childhood home. • Bethel made the news for its high alumni marriage rate. • Much as he talks about loyalty, our current president doesn’t exactly exemplify that virtue. • What Christians can learn about Jesus from a non-Christian Nobel Peace Prize laureate who died earlier … More That Was The Week That Was

Is Loyalty a Virtue?

I like to think of myself as a pretty loyal person. I’m wary of loyalty to imagined communities like nations, but when it comes to family members and close friends, I’d even say that I’m fiercely loyal. But one of the many consequences of the Trump presidency is that I’ve been reconsidering the moral status … More Is Loyalty a Virtue?

How Much Do Politics Matter to Evangelicals?

This will push into next week my long-gestating post on whether it’s possible to write persuasively for an evangelical audience, but I wanted to think aloud about one question that’s probably bigger than that post: Just how much do politics matter to evangelicals? That first came to mind last month, while I was reading Alec Ryrie’s Protestants: … More How Much Do Politics Matter to Evangelicals?

That Was The Week That Was

Here… • I belatedly celebrated a pair of blogging anniversaries. • Want to understand Pietism? Start by singing this hymn. • I wrestled again with 1 Samuel 15. • Only 36% of Republicans think that colleges have a positive impact on America. I shared some quick thoughts — including a potential implication for Christian colleges. … More That Was The Week That Was

My Summer Soundtrack

With Vacation Bible School and an adult Sunday School class completed and my fall textbooks ordered, today is the first full day of my summer break. For the next two months, you’ll probably find me spending my mornings in a variety of St. Paul area coffee shops, reading and writing on my MacBook as music … More My Summer Soundtrack