That Was The Week That Was

This week I somehow connected country music to the history of violence against women preachers, talked with author Angela Denker about faith, football, and politics in the Age of Trump, and probed my emotional response to my favorite baseball team winning a division title. (By the way, if you’ve been enjoying the new season of our … More That Was The Week That Was

Beyond Yes or No: Covenant History and the Third Way (Hauna Ondrey)

Today I’m honored to share a timely essay by Hauna Ondrey, assistant professor of church history at North Park Theological Seminary. Entitled “Beyond Yes or No: Covenant History & the Third Way,” Hauna’s piece offers necessary context for what’s at stake in next week in Omaha, when delegates to the annual meeting of the Evangelical … More Beyond Yes or No: Covenant History and the Third Way (Hauna Ondrey)

I’m a Pietist

Over the past months of transition, challenge, and uncertainty, I’ve learned something about myself: I’m a Pietist. It may seem like an obvious statement from someone who wrote a book called The Pietist Option and keeps a blog called The Pietist Schoolman. But I’m seeing even more clearly than before just how central Pietism is to my understanding … More I’m a Pietist

Diversity, Shalom, and Remarkable Christianity (Ruben Rivera)

Today I’m happy to welcome my Bethel colleague Ruben Rivera to the blog. Educated at Vanguard University, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, and Boston University, Ruben came to Bethel in 1997 as a history professor, and now serves as our chief diversity officer. He regularly speaks to Christian and community groups about shalom, diversity, and reconciliation. What … More Diversity, Shalom, and Remarkable Christianity (Ruben Rivera)

That Was The Week That Was

Here at Pietist Schoolman I previewed a new course on sports history — and debuted its accompanying podcast — and shared some images and thoughts about our January trip to Europe to study the ruins of the world wars. At The Anxious Bench I encouraged fellow evangelicals to check out a new Anabaptist blog. Elsewhere, here’s some … More That Was The Week That Was

How Pietists Read the Bible

I’m now halfway through my four-week Pietist Option for Baptists class at Central Baptist Church in St. Paul, Minnesota. Besides reconnecting with senior pastor (and former Bethel Seminary professor) Joel Lawrence, one of the chief pleasures of the class is that I have a chance to delve more deeply into chapters of The Pietist Option that I … More How Pietists Read the Bible

That Was The Week That Was

Here… • I wrestled with how and why Christians should pray for a political leader like Donald Trump. • My travels out east took me through Bethlehem, Pennsylvania — home of one of the most significant Moravian communities in history. • And if you’re interested in seeing other historic sites on your travels this summer, … More That Was The Week That Was