That Was The Week That Was

This week I shared my summer reading list and reflected on calling and the Christian college. Elsewhere:

• This month’s meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention will just be the latest iteration in an old debate over women’s ordination.

• Speaking of the country’s largest Protestant denomination… Why did Russell Moore leave the SBC? In a letter he wrote last February (and leaked this week), sexual abuse and racism loomed large.

• In some parts of the South, even World War I commemoration was segregated.

For its first hundred years, the WWI memorial in Durham, NC listed white and black soldiers separately – University of North Carolina Library

• I didn’t realize that seven states still ban atheists from holding public office.

• We all want to get back to normal, but the way the Republican Party is acting is not normal for a democracy.

• If Christians want to reduce the abortion rate, argued my Anxious Bench colleague Daniel K. Williams, they should start by supporting the expansion of economic assistance and health care for the poor.

• Why one Wheaton College professor isn’t ready to give up on the evangelical church.

• Meet the first openly gay student body president in the history of Calvin University.

Licensed by Creative Commons (Fuzheado)

• Another shoe dropped in the story of the classics professor accused of stealing papyrus fragments and selling them to Hobby Lobby as it built its collection for the Museum of the Bible.

• Is the two-state solution still a viable option for Israel and Palestine? If not, is there any other way to achieve both peace and justice in that part of the Middle East?

• Finally, the American Girl company’s decision to re-release its original six, historical dolls inspired an enormous wave of nostalgia.