Inside Financial Aid

We’re headed down to the basement for the first tornado warning of the season up here in Minnesota, so briefly: This week’s episode of College for Christians is our most in-depth yet, as special guest Alex Hintz answered all the questions Sam and I could think of regarding financial aid. A former student of mine, … More Inside Financial Aid

That Was The Week That Was

This week Bethel wrapped up its 150th anniversary celebration, so I shared both the talk I gave at the celebratory dinner (on the individual moments that make up our collective story) and an analysis of the religious and educational continuities that define Bethel in the midst of so much change. Also, we recorded a podcast … More That Was The Week That Was

What Is Bethel? The Moments That Make Up Our History

Earlier this week I was invited to talk about Bethel’s history at a dinner celebrating the university’s 150th anniversary. For once I spoke without notes, but here’s the best I can do to reconstruct what I said: my attempt to make our history more personal for more people, rather than focusing on the stories of … More What Is Bethel? The Moments That Make Up Our History

Why Go to College?

My new podcast with Sam Mulberry, College for Christians, launched last week, with the two of us sharing our stories of college admissions. But if you missed the debut, today’s new episode is a great place to start — in fact, I think we’ll come back to it in virtually every other episode we record … More Why Go to College?