The First Lindbergh Review Is In…

We’re still two months away from publication, but Charles Lindbergh: A Religious Biography of America’s Most Infamous Pilot has its first review — and it’s a good one.

Publishers Weekly calls the book “very convincing”:

Using Lindbergh’s journals, writings, and public statements, Gehrz builds a thorough portrait of the aviator’s inner life, and the inclusion of the equally complex spiritual path of Lindbergh’s wife, Anne, adds useful context. Readers curious about a lesser-seen side of Lindbergh’s life will gain much from this well-argued biography.

Of course, I’ll look forward to more engagement and feedback once the book is in the hands of readers, but this is an encouraging early sign. Especially since PW is the leading trade publication for the publishing industry, read by the kinds of people who decide what books get sold and promoted in stores. (And this review is a lot more favorable than what PW said about Scott Berg’s authorized biography of Lindbergh.)

And if this review has you interested in my Lindbergh biography, you can certainly go ahead and pre-order from the publisher, Amazon, or a local bookstore like Next Chapter here in St. Paul.

With Father’s Day coming up, maybe get a second copy as a gift. I’m reliably informed that dads love biographies almost as much as they love histories of wars and presidents… and my Lindbergh biography has a lot to say about two world wars and at least one president.