Thursday’s Podcast: Sola Scriptura and Christian Unity

Is the Protestant principle of sola scriptura antithetical to Christian unity? That’s the argument of Catholic historian Brad Gregory, in his newest book: “Though it liberated evangelicals from the Roman Church, [“scripture alone”] also plunged them into the beginning of an unwanted Protestant pluralism. What lay behind these church-dividing disagreements was the very thing that had launched the Reformation … More Thursday’s Podcast: Sola Scriptura and Christian Unity

3 Ways to Remember the Reformation

Since today is a particularly significant Reformation Sunday, I’m going to forego my usual weekend links wrap and instead repost an updated version of my most recent piece for The Anxious Bench. “A red-letter date looms,” wrote Tal Howard in one of his many recent books, “31 October 2017, the five-hundredth anniversary of the Reformation, the widely recognized … More 3 Ways to Remember the Reformation

That Was The Week That Was

Here… • One aspect of troubling allegations coming out of Wheaton College reminded me of the importance of interfaith engagement. • Too often, rural ministry is invisible to those of us in the cities and suburbs. (One link I forgot to include: a reflection by a Vineyard church planter in Lancaster, Ohio.) • How you … More That Was The Week That Was

That Was The Week That Was

This links wrap is a few hours later than usual because I spent the morning in Minneapolis celebrating the graduation of my brother Jon, who earned his doctorate in education. Congratulations, Dr. Gehrz! And I have no Pietist Schoolman posts to remind you of, since I was busy getting ready for the start of classes next week … More That Was The Week That Was

The Violence of God

The rest of this summer our pastors are going preach on what David’s life teaches us about leadership. Jonna got things started this past Sunday with a fine meditation on how God, when he chose David to be anointed as king, looks beyond the superficial to see the heart. (A good fit with the Tom … More The Violence of God

That Was The Week That Was

Here… • You can add “fledgling Charles Lindbergh biographer” to my résumé. • If you want to see the Pietist option in practice, visit an Evangelical Covenant congregation like Abbey Way of Minneapolis, MN or Vox Veniae of Austin, TX. • Coming across an essay by the ECC’s “first female theologian” helped me think through … More That Was The Week That Was

Now Streaming: My Talk on “The Pietist Option for Evangelicals”

If you couldn’t attend my lecture last week in Chicago, it’s now streaming online via North Park University. Entitled “The Pietist Option for (Current and Former) Evangelicals,” the talk suggested how Pietism might renew evangelicalism — by way of “a Pietist gloss” on the familiar evangelical themes of biblicism, crucicentrism, conversionism, and activism. Click here to watch the … More Now Streaming: My Talk on “The Pietist Option for Evangelicals”

A Ministry of Encouragement

All month my family is joining others in our congregation and denomination in reading through a version of the New Testament that has no chapter or verse markings and has been resequenced in roughly chronological order. In part, that’s to get you to notice things you’d otherwise miss. For example, I’d never noticed that Luke occasionally switches to the first … More A Ministry of Encouragement