That Was The Week That Was

This week: as I ended my six-year stint at The Anxious Bench, I rebooted this blog with posts on WWI commemoration in the German cities of Berlin and Wittenberg. Elsewhere:

• Many conservative Christians celebrated two landmark rulings from the Supreme Court: though Friday’s, on abortion, may have already obscured the earlier one, on state funding of private religious education.

• Of course, as abortion heads back to the states, it’s worth remembering that not all Christians are celebrating the end of what had been a national compromise on a complicated set of ethical, legal, and political issues.

Pro-life activists celebrate the Supreme Court’s ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health — Creative Commons (Victoria Pickering)

• And at least one prominent Republican thinks that reversing Roe v. Wade might come back to cost his party.

• But given how the January 6th hearings went this week, he should probably be worrying more about his own future.

• A Republican from Utah and a Democrat from Vermont explained how they try to “practice politics with decency and grace.”

• My favorite Juneteenth essay asked what baseball had to do with a holiday commemorating the end of slavery in the U.S.

• Franklin Graham was in the news again for his role in counseling the wife of an imprisoned Iranian Christian pastor accused of abusing her.

• The country’s largest group of conservative Presbyterians voted to leave the National Association of Evangelicals (whose current president was originally ordained by the PCA).

• The co-author of a new book on Christian nonviolence reviewed a book dedicated to the question, “If a Christian soldier fighting for a just cause is killed in battle, why shouldn’t they be counted among the virtuous martyrs?”

• Meet the husband-and-wife pastors from Uvalde, Texas who have been ministering to that community in the month after its infamous school shooting.

(Then meet a Christian woman who both wants to carry a gun and the country to have stronger gun control laws. Not that that’s going to be easy after yet another controversial ruling this week from SCOTUS’ conservative supermajority…)

• Finally, meet three teachers who are wrestling with their future in education after COVID.