Thursday’s Podcast: Paris

Sam and I are back from our Thanksgiving to talk through the next stop on our “World Wars in Western Europe” tour: Paris, France.

Armenian memorial in Paris
Not far from the cathedral where refugees gathered in 1915-1918, this Paris statue commemorates another eyewitness to the Armenian genocide: the priest and ethnomusicologist known as Komitas

After trying to decide whether or not Paris is our favorite city in the world — and why American college students rarely recognize it as anything like a contender for that title — we moved on to our standard four M’s… lingering more than usual on the culinary one.

Meals: everything from duck confit and choucroute garnie to baguettes and oranges

Memorials: the Komitas Armenian Memorial, the plaque marking the original spot of Shakespeare & Co., and the memorial to France’s “martyrs of the deportation

Museums: beyond the obvious choice… the Orsay, the Cluny, and the Mémorial de la Shoah (make sure you invest in a Paris Museum Pass if you’re staying for multiple days)

Masterpieces: the film festivals of the Latin Quarter and the most beautiful place either of us has ever visited

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By the way, only two spots remain in our June 2019 trip