Thursday’s Podcast: London

The fourth season of The Pietist Schoolman Podcast is here! Today Sam and I started our four-episode travelogue. After reflecting on the origins of the “World Wars in Western Europe” tour that we’ll be leading in June 2019, we took turns sharing our favo(u)rite memorial, museum, masterpiece, and meal from the great city of London, England. (I … More Thursday’s Podcast: London

Parables: Yeast

One of the luxuries of being on sabbatical is that I have time to bake bread, a cathartic practice that helped me cope with the stress and frustration of dissertation writing. So this afternoon, as I tried to cope with the stress and frustration of yesterday’s result, the kids and I are making honey wheat rolls for supper. … More Parables: Yeast

A Few of My Favorite Things, or America’s Already Pretty Great

I don’t regret participating in our national angsting over the presidential election, but I can’t say it’s been much fun. So before diving back into that mess, I thought I’d toss off something vastly less serious: a few of the things in life — other than my family — that I’m currently enjoying. Or, a few … More A Few of My Favorite Things, or America’s Already Pretty Great

What I Will and Won’t Miss About Europe

Tomorrow marks the beginning of our spring semester at Bethel, which should officially make me stop thinking about our recently-concluded three-week travel course in England, Belgium, France, and Germany and force me to focus on, oh, writing syllabi for the classes I have to teach. So as a farewell to January’s journeys, a few things … More What I Will and Won’t Miss About Europe