Monday’s Podcast: The Western Front

Our Pietist Schoolman Podcast travelogue continues today, as Sam Mulberry and I talk about the battlefields at the heart of our January 2019 travel course and June 2019 adults tour on the history of the world wars.

Canadian Memorial at Vimy
A figure representing Canada, looking down on the ridge where thousands of Canadians fought and died capturing Vimy Ridge in April 1917

While we did mention favorite meals, we skipped museums in order to focus on this season’s other two recurring M’s: memorials and masterpieces. Saving Normandy for 2019, we each reflected on WWI memorials in places like Ieper, Belgium, and Vimy, France, then shared sculpture and poetry related to two WWI cemeteries.

We also put in plugs for two of our favorite travel guides: Carl Ooghe, who leads our four-day battlefield tour; and Dan Taylor, the retired Bethel English professor who inspired Sam’s love of 20th century fiction and who leads his own tours every year.

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