Live from London: Nothing Rhymes with Gehrz

So you’ve been in London teaching the history of World War I for a week and are getting ready to head to the former Western Front and have some down time while you catch up on laundry. What do you do?

Record a podcast on a pair of iPhones, of course!

Yes, Sam Mulberry and I are proud to present the newest episode of Nothing Rhymes with Gehrz — the first since the fall of 2017 — recorded live in a hostel room near the Tower of London.

Nothing Rhymes with Gehrz logo

As usual, we each picked three words to share: none turn out to rhyme with my last name, but all prompt engaging conversation. This episode’s featured words — mostly inspired by our week in London — were old, coinage, epiphany (or Epiphany), cup (or Cup), tube (yes, or Tube), and Tweedy (not tweedy). All that led to us discussing topics as diverse as creativity, minor league baseball, and forestry.

Sam Mulberry and Chris Gehrz at London Stadium
Sam and I at an FA Cup match in East London this past weekend. (Sorry it’s so overexposed; we were directly opposite a bank of lights.)

That last word had to do with a new memoir by the frontman for my favorite band, Wilco, discussion of which also let Sam talk about the newest book by comedian Chris Gethard.

You can stream or download this and other episodes of Nothing Rhymes with Gehrz from Sam’s Live from AC 2nd podcast network. We might try to do one more of these next week, when we’re in Paris or Munich. (You can also follow #bethelwwi on Instagram if you want to see visual artifacts of our trip.)