Why I Enjoy Podcasting

I was home with a sick child yesterday, which meant rescheduling a few things at work. None of that reshuffling was too hard, but I was surprised just how disappointed I was at having to put off recording the third episode of The 252, my new sports history podcast with Sam Mulberry and Chris Moore. That … More Why I Enjoy Podcasting

What Is Truth? The Return of “Nothing Rhymes with Gehrz”

If you’re a hardcore reader of The Pietist Schoolman and a family member and prone to spending too much time online, you might know that last spring my colleague Sam Mulberry and I premiered our latest podcast, Nothing Rhymes with Gehrz. Over the course of two gloriously unrehearsed episodes, we each suggested six words that (a) did not rhyme … More What Is Truth? The Return of “Nothing Rhymes with Gehrz”

My New Podcast: “Nothing Rhymes with Gehrz”

What do the following words have in common? Crusader, optics, process, unity, upset, wondering 1. They don’t rhyme with Gehrz. But then, it seems that nothing (in English) does. 2. They’re discussed by Sam Mulberry and myself on the pilot episode of Nothing Rhymes with Gehrz, our latest venture in the world of podcasting. (Last year, Sam joined … More My New Podcast: “Nothing Rhymes with Gehrz”