Nothing Rhymes with Gehrz (Episode 5)

I can’t seem to go more than a month without recording a podcast, but I can go a bit more than a year without recording my least consistent podcast series, Nothing Rhymes with Gehrz, in which Sam Mulberry and I jokingly continue our futile quest for words (in English) that rhyme with my last name.

Nothing Rhymes with Gehrz logo

In today’s 5th episode of the series — the first since we recorded live from a tiny hostel room in London last January — we discussed the words interim and intensive (which let us share our enthusiasm for teaching in Bethel’s three-week “J-term”), plus resolution (as in “New Year’s _____” and how that use of the word connects to other meanings), plus (popular now to attach to the names of streaming services), shepherds (whose role in Luke 2 I suddenly thought more about this past Christmas Eve), and Oscar (which gave us an excuse to talk about historical films like 1917).

What can I say? Nothing Rhymes about Gehrz is unnecessary, unplanned, and — if you’re willing to follow us around topics serious and light-hearted — unexpectedly fun. You can download or stream it from Podbean, with all the other shows on Channel 3900. (Including The 252, which might be coming back next week with a very special guest interview.)