What Is Truth? The Return of “Nothing Rhymes with Gehrz”

If you’re a hardcore reader of The Pietist Schoolman and a family member and prone to spending too much time online, you might know that last spring my colleague Sam Mulberry and I premiered our latest podcast, Nothing Rhymes with Gehrz. Over the course of two gloriously unrehearsed episodes, we each suggested six words that (a) did not rhyme with my last name, yet (b) provoked interesting conversation.

Today I’m happy to announce that we’re back and better than ever!

Nothing Rhymes with Gehrz logo

Well, at least we’re back, with a special episode that features our friend Chris Moore, Bethel’s resident expert on international relations, 20-sided dice, Ohio State football, and much more.

For this one episode, we narrowed our list of words to one: Truth. [SPOILER] It does not rhyme with Gehrz, but truth is the topic of the cover article in the new Atlantic Monthly. “When did American become untethered from reality?”, wonders author Kurt Anderson, who proceeds to offer a critique of America’s “promiscuous devotion to the untrue.” Neither the Sixties, the Eighties, the Digital Age, the Left, nor the Right escapes Anderson’s attention. (The article is excerpted from Anderson’s new book, Fantasyland: How America Went Haywire.)

All of which we proceeded to discuss this morning. So if you want to hear me rant about false nostalgia, the subjective nature of historical interpretation, and Anderson’s views on religious belief, this is most definitely the podcast for you. You can stream or download it from PodBean or iTunes.