Nothing Rhymes with Gehrz (Episode 2)

What do the following words have in common?

Easter, museum, nostalgia, Sabbath, trump, wisecrackery

1. They don’t rhyme with Gehrz. But then, it seems that nothing (in English) does.

2. They’re discussed by Sam Mulberry and myself on the second episode of Nothing Rhymes with Gehrz, our latest venture in the world of podcasting.

OED definition of "to trump up"
One of the Oxford English Dictionary’s more archaic definitions of the verb “trump” came up earlier in this episode…

(One follow-up/correction: in the middle of our conversation, I was searching on my iPhone for an article I’d read defending the virtues of nostalgia. I mistakenly credited it to philosopher James K.A. Smith — who actually wrote a critique of nostalgia! — but it was actually this New Yorker piece by novelist Michael Chabon.)

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