Nothing Rhymes with Gehrz (COVID Edition)

My favorite, strangest, most intermittent podcast dropped an episode today. That’s right, for the first time since January, there’s new Nothing Rhymes with Gehrz to enjoy!

Nothing Rhymes with Gehrz logo

As Sam Mulberry and I continued my quixotic quest to find a rhyme (in English) for my odd last name, we riffed on six words, most having some kind of COVID connection. Given the etymology of quarantine, I asked Sam if he’d experienced any kind of Lent-like learning, while he asked me if the last few months have taught me to simplify. Then we talked about what’s lost when foreign travel is suspended, and why there are certain streaming series and movies we rewatch when there’s nothing better to do.

Finally, we exchanged favorite memories of Jay (Barnes, our recently retired boss), and Sam risked our friendship to share his opinion that the Hamilton film is not great, but is good.

You can download or stream this sixth episode of Nothing Rhymes with Gehrz at Podbean or Apple Podcasts, along with every other podcast on Channel 3900. Recent standouts include a Sara Shady, Public Philosopher episode on the ethics of reopening businesses in the middle of a pandemic, and the reunited Election Shock Therapy crew breaking down recent Supreme Court rulings.