Thursday’s Podcast: Munich (and Why We Travel)

The fourth season of The Pietist Schoolman Podcast wraps up today with Sam Mulberry and me talking about our favorite memorials, museums, meals, and masterpieces in the southern German city of Munich. In addition, we closed with some broader reflections on the spiritual purposes of travel. (If nothing else, skip ahead to 33:50 for our discussion of Dachau and then what Sam once learned from Randall Balmer…)

Meals: potato dumplings and “deconstructed pancakes

Bavarian War Memorial
The Bavarian WWI Memorial in Munich’s Hofgarten

Masterpiece: Bavaria’s WWI memorial and (stretching the definition of “Munich” considerably) Ernst Jünger’s greatest novel

Memorial: a “chalk outline,” a Nazi documentation center, and, um, Michael Jackson

Museum: the Pinakothek der Moderne and the first Nazi concentration camp

It’s been a short season, but one of the best we’ve done. I’m more than excited than ever to take college students to these places next month — and then to bring some older folks back in June.

(I’ve got two spots left in that summer trip; I’ll accept applications through next Saturday.)