Year Three of The Pietist Schoolman

Pages turning on a calendarLast Thursday marked the end of my third year of blogging here at The Pietist Schoolman. It was both the best and worst year of the three.

Readership jumped another 33% over 2012-2013, but some of the most-read posts stemmed directly from posts related to being in the middle of what I called a “crisis of Christian higher education.” I fear that 2013-2014 saw me focus so often on the intersection of Christianity and education that history and its intersections with my other major themes seemed to take a back seat at times… I hope 2014-2015 brings some more balance in that respect.

And while I reached the 1000 post milestone, it forced me to admit that I couldn’t write lengthy posts on a daily basis — I was burning out, and starting to repeat myself. (Of course, no sooner had I made that pledge than I started blogging near-daily as part of my summer research project. Look for a report on that on Wednesday!) But to help ease the load and introduce some fresh perspectives, I’m glad that 2013-2014 also saw Jared Burkholder come on board every other Friday to help lighten the load (fourteen posts so far) and add valuable insights from an actual religious historian. I also appreciate G.W. Carlson contributing six posts — with a long-gestating tribute to Glen Stassen soon to come, I hope.

As always, thanks for reading and commenting. For the record, here are the twenty-five posts published in 2013-2014 that got the most reads/comments:

  1. An Open Letter to American Churches: The Crisis of Christian Higher Education
  2. Why I’m Almost a Lutheran
  3. How Well Paid Are Christian College Presidents?
  4. Eighteen Evangelical Colleges Earn a “D” for Finances
  5. World Vision and Evangelicalism: An Interview with David King
  6. Baptist Stations of the Cross (G.W. Carlson)
  7. How Not to Speak for a Generation: Rachel Held Evans on Millennials Leaving the Church
  8. 10 Blogs by Christian Historians You Should Be Reading
  9. The Church at the Intersection of Anabaptism and Evangelicalism
  10. Should Christian Scholars be Watchdogs: An Interview with David Barton Critic Warren Throckmorton
  11. The Value of the Christian Liberal Arts: A Bethel Alum Speaks
  12. When I’m a “Functional Atheist”
  13. “New York-centrism” in Evangelical Cultural Engagement
  14. A Postscript to My Open Letter on Christian Higher Education
  15. How Financially Sustainable Are Christian Colleges?
  16. The Global Reflex: An International Historian Appraises David Swartz’s Moral Minority (part 2)
  17. The Conclusion of My Interview with David King on World Vision
  18. On Alcohol Bans at Christian Colleges
  19. Are Christian Colleges Poor Spiritual Stewards?
  20. Julien Bryan's famous photo of a Polish air raid victim, September 1939
    One of the few purely historical posts to get a lot of reads featured this famous image of a young Pole grieving her mother in Sept. 1939 – Wikimedia

    The Second World War Before Pearl Harbor: Poland, 1939

  21. Being an Intellectual in an Emotional Church
  22. The Challenge of Ranking Christian Colleges
  23. Bethel, the BGC, and the Decline of Denominational Financial Support for Christian Higher Education
  24. “The Bible makes it abundantly clear…”
  25. Announcing a New Issue of The Covenant Quarterly on Pietism

As always, that list is skewed towards posts from the summer and fall, since they’ve had longer to accumulate visits. The five from 2014 that are most likely to climb the list:

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