That Was The Week That Was

Here at Pietist Schoolman I previewed a new course on sports history — and debuted its accompanying podcast — and shared some images and thoughts about our January trip to Europe to study the ruins of the world wars. At The Anxious Bench I encouraged fellow evangelicals to check out a new Anabaptist blog. Elsewhere, here’s some … More That Was The Week That Was

Coming Soon… The History and Politics of Sports

Almost from the moment I got to Bethel University (sixteen years ago!), I started dreaming about developing two new courses. The one on World War II launched five years ago, with its fourth iteration starting next week. But aside from one independent study, I’ve never quite been able to follow through with a History of … More Coming Soon… The History and Politics of Sports

That Was The Week That Was

Aside from sharing part of my Pietist Option for Baptists class (on reading the Bible) and being interviewed for a new podcast by a Covenant pastor, I spent most of the week preparing for the start of the academic year. Here’s some of what was happening elsewhere in the realms of Christianity, history, and education: • Rest … More That Was The Week That Was

That Was The Week That Was

While I was busy passing the plate and celebrating a miraculous Vikings win, others were writing about Christianity, history, education, and other things I find interesting: • I’m not sure I’ve ever willingly read a book by a current, former, or would-be U.S. president. That might change. • I missed this last week: the most … More That Was The Week That Was

The Minneapolis Miracle

So it was a few days before Christmas, and I got a call from my wife. She was looking for a jersey to buy our sports-loving eight-year old son, Isaiah. “Are you okay with the Vikings?” I’d prefer the Twins, but she’s braving the mall so… “Definitely. What are the options?” “Who’s #14? Would he … More The Minneapolis Miracle