Wednesday’s Podcast: The Best Sports Years Ever

Classes are up and running, so it felt like a good time to start podcasting again. This morning Chris Moore, Sam Mulberry, and I recorded the season 2 premiere for The 252, our podcast previewing themes from Chris and my new course on the history and politics of sports.

Logo for The 252Last spring we put out weekly podcasts. I don’t think we’ll record quite that often, but we are talking about doing at least one a month this fall, plus occasional long-form interviews with athletes, coaches, journalists, scholars, and other potential course guests.

On today’s premiere we burst out of the starting blocks with a recap of two big stories from the summer: how free agency and trades are reshaping the NBA — and potentially changing how fans interact with pro hoops and the balance of power between players and owners; and the women’s soccer World Cup, which got us thinking about the concept of national teams, the growing number of out LGBTQ athletes, and the prospect of someone like Carli Lloyd integrating the National Football League.

Then segment two found us suggesting a new sports “Mount Rushmore.” We collectively nominated ten of the greatest years in sports history, from as far as back as 1941 and as recent at 2008. Take a listen to our rationale, then take a minute to vote for up to four of those years, using the poll below.

We’ll announce the results on our next episode of The 252, which can be downloaded or streamed from Podbean.