Wednesday’s Podcast: A Sports Reading List

On today’s new episode of The 252, Chris Moore and I talked through some of the books and articles we’ll be assigning next spring in our History and Politics of Sports course at Bethel University. Our basic text will be Richard Davies’ Sports in American Life, but Chris also suggested adopting Victor Cha’s analysis of the politics of … More Wednesday’s Podcast: A Sports Reading List

Thursday’s Podcast: What It Means to Be a Fan

I don’t normally record podcasts in back-to-back days. But this is no normal week. So we recorded an emergency podcast this afternoon. No, not about impeachment. (Here’s that emergency pod from my Political Science colleagues.) One about the Minnesota Twins clinching the American League’s Central Division! Here’s the thing… I’ve been alive for all but three of … More Thursday’s Podcast: What It Means to Be a Fan

Wednesday’s Podcast: Red State Christians

Our second season of The 252 — “sports talk radio as done by academics” — is going to alternate every other week between two formats: our usual three-segment mix of sports news, history, and commentary; and long-form interviews with athletes, coaches, writers, and others who can help us understand the history and politics of sports. Today’s … More Wednesday’s Podcast: Red State Christians

Wednesday’s Podcast: Making the Case for Indy Car and Horse Racing

To varying degrees, I’m a fan of the most prominent team sports in America: baseball, basketball, football, hockey, and soccer. But I’m less familiar with two other kinds of athletic competition that have deep histories, distinctive cultures, and significant fanbases: horse racing and auto racing. So this week on The 252, we asked Sam to tell … More Wednesday’s Podcast: Making the Case for Indy Car and Horse Racing

Wednesday’s Podcast: Coaching College Sports

This week on The 252, we talked with two Bethel colleagues about the life and work of coaches in college athletics. Gretchen Hunt (previously a guest on season 1 of The Pietist Schoolman Podcast) is head volleyball coach and associate athletic director at Bethel University; Alisha Hvistendahl is our men’s basketball assistant coach, after previously serving as head athletic … More Wednesday’s Podcast: Coaching College Sports

Wednesday’s Podcast: The Student-Athlete

As recent episodes of our new sports history podcast have touched on the history of the NCAA, debates over amateurism, and the role of sports in college admissions, we’ve talked a lot about student-athletes. So it seemed like it was high time we talked to a couple of actual student-athletes. This week on The 252 we’re joined by Bethel University students Jana … More Wednesday’s Podcast: The Student-Athlete