Saturday’s Podcast: Checking In on Sports under COVID

Even as he grieves over the loss of Ohio State football for the fall, Chris Moore joined Sam Mulberry and me for a new episode of The 252, “sports talk radio as done by academics.”

Summer high school baseball in Iowa – Creative Commons (Phil Roeder)

While Chris and I won’t be teaching our History and Politics of Sports class again until 2022, we mean to continue producing occasional episodes of The 252 this year. And it felt like a good moment to check in on the state of sports under COVID-19, in a week that saw the Big 10 and Pac 12 postpone their 2020 football seasons and the NBA’s “bubble” season enter the playoffs. We considered the political and labor implications of college football cancellations, whether the NFL will be playing games this fall, and how COVID will affect the popularity of sports moving forward. All that, and Sam calls “shenanigans” on Chris.

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