Thursday’s Podcast: The Future of Sports Media

Apart from debating the wisdom and likelihood of baseball returning by July, this week on The 252 we primarily talked about the two topics that students in History and Politics of Sports encountered in this second-to-last week of spring classes.

Jared Nelson – Prep Network

1. Chris talked about the history and (complicated!) politics of sports gambling, and how it’s being affected by COVID-19.

2. Then we interviewed Bethel alum Jared Nelson, editor-in-chief of Prep Network, about the many changes in sports journalism and media that he’s already seen just four years since graduating and hitting the job market. Here too, COVID is making life complicated…

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This week’s “Three to See”

• Chris Moore talked board games, from Stefan Fatsis’ book on competitive Scrabble to websites like BoardGameGeek and Board Game Arena

• Sam Mulberry recommended we watch all three record-setting races that won Secretariat the Triple Crown.

• And I talked about wrestling for the first (and perhaps only time) and recommended the unforgettable Netflix documentary short, Zion.