Thursday’s Podcast: The Future of Sports Media

Apart from debating the wisdom and likelihood of baseball returning by July, this week on The 252 we primarily talked about the two topics that students in History and Politics of Sports encountered in this second-to-last week of spring classes. 1. Chris talked about the history and (complicated!) politics of sports gambling, and how it’s being affected … More Thursday’s Podcast: The Future of Sports Media

Now on Instagram!

I thought I was strong. I thought I could hold out. I thought I could resist one more digital distraction. But no. Earlier this week our department decided that our efforts on Facebook and Twitter were reaching alumni, but not current and prospective students. So we started an Instagram account. And so I crumbled, and … More Now on Instagram!

How You Can Help Spread the Word about The Pietist Option

Two weeks until The Pietist Option hits shelves! And I know that our publisher has already been sending out some pre-ordered and promotional copies. So as it starts to find its way into the hands of readers, let me suggest a few ways that you can help Mark and me spread the word about a book whose … More How You Can Help Spread the Word about The Pietist Option

Quit Social Media?

More than at any time in the last five years, I’ve been thinking of quitting social media. A lot of this is driven by the unpleasant experience of the presidential campaign, and the immediate aftermath of the election. Far from creating a more robust kind of democratic discourse, in which a broader array of citizens … More Quit Social Media?

That Was The Week That Was

Here… • Can a Pietist institution redefine and renew Christian higher education? That’s the plan. • Advice of the week to churches: don’t overlook college professors when filling leadership positions. • Thanks again to Devin Manzullo-Thomas for joining us on this week’s Pietist Schoolman Podcast! • The polls are still open this weekend if you’d like to vote for a … More That Was The Week That Was

CFH on Social Media

10/9/14 – Readers interested by my posts last week on the biennial meeting of the Conference on Faith and History (CFH) may want to follow CFH as it ventures into the world of social media. In addition to an updated website, CFH now has a Twitter handle (@faithandhistory) and Facebook page. And look for at least one … More CFH on Social Media

CFH 2014: Heritage Religion and Social Media

Part two of my recap of the 2014 Conference on Faith and History meetings, held last week at Pepperdine University. Part one covered sessions from Friday morning on teaching and public memory. Friday afternoon plenary: “Heritage Religion and the Mormons” Having arrived too late on Thursday night to attend Allen Guelzo’s conference-opening address in the … More CFH 2014: Heritage Religion and Social Media


“Martin Luther must be turning over in his grave,” tweeted a former student of mine last night, re: the following announcement from the Vatican (via The Guardian passing on news from an Italian newspaper) about a certain practice that both prompted and survived the Protestant Reformation: Indulgences these days are granted to those who carry … More e-Indulgences?