Wednesday’s Podcast: Inside the Life of an NFL Player

On this week’s special episode of The 252 (“Sports talk radio as done by academics”), Chris, Sam, and I talked about baseball’s cheating scandal and the Mennonite college graduate who’s making history at the Super Bowl. But mostly, this episode exists for the sake of a long interview we recorded with Greg Jennings, a two-time Pro Bowl wide receiver and Super Bowl winner who retired from the NFL in 2016. Now living in Minneapolis and working as a broadcaster, Greg was kind enough to sit down with us this week for a fascinating conversation with us about his sports story, from his childhood in Michigan through his pro career (mostly with the Packers and Vikings) and then past his retirement from the NFL.

Chris Moore, Greg Jennings, and Chris Gehrz
One of these three people is a former professional athlete who keeps in excellent shape – photo by Sam Mulberry

I especially appreciated Greg’s reflections on the nature of work and career life for a pro athlete, how he balanced that job with his family life, and how he views what he does as a form of Christian ministry.

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