Why 2020 Will Be a Quiet Year for The Pietist Schoolman

Three weeks into the new year, you might have noticed that things are awfully quiet around this blog. That’s intentional. At least until I submit my Charles Lindbergh manuscript in August or September, I’m going to try to restrain myself from blogging at anything like my usual pace.

Part of my collection of books by and on Charles Lindbergh

Much as I love using this blog as a place to think in public — about Lindbergh, among other topics — I only have so much non-teaching time available this spring semester and summer break, and I need to force myself to become more consistent in working on chapters of the book.

That said, The Pietist Schoolman won’t be completely quiet. Most weekends I’ll keep curating links for That Was The Week That Was posts. I’m sure Sam and I will keep recording podcasts here and there — including a very special episode of The 252 dropping this week. And every once in a while I’ll break my own rule and share a new post here.

And I’ll keep writing posts every Tuesday at The Anxious Bench. Today, for example, I thought about what would be lost if mainline denominations declined to the point of virtual disappearance.