Wednesday’s Podcast: A Sports Fan’s Dream Trip

On Monday we officially announced our Summer 2020 Pietist Schoolman Travel tour: “Sports in American History” (June 28 – July 5). You can find more details (plus the application form) in the trip brochure. But since the three guides for that tour happen to be the three hosts of our sports history podcast, The 252, we thought it’d be fun to spend part of our next episode just talking through each day of the trip.

Click through to check out a Google Map of the trip, including some optional events and sites that tripgoers can add on their own

Sam Mulberry, Chris Moore, and I have talked a lot about this trip since I started dreaming it up, but it was still great to see how each of them lit up with excitement as we reached certain stages of the journey: Sam at the chance to see Fenway Park for the first time; for Chris, imagining what it would be like to tour Ohio Stadium when it’s not full of over 100,000 screaming Buckeyes fans. We even started thinking out loud about a theme of the trip that I now wish I’d centered more in the brochure: how people remember the (sporting) past.

In addition, we discussed the NFL’s suspension of Myles Garrett, the cheating allegations against the Houston Astros, and the history and politics of minor league baseball — which faces the possibility of contraction when its contract with the majors expires in 2020.

As always, you can stream or download The 252 and other podcasts at Channel 3900 from Podbean or Apple Podcasts. And click here to learn more about the “Sports in American History” tour, including the process for putting down a deposit.