That Was The Week That Was

I considered whether I was an evangelical, responded to an astonishing editorial by evangelicalism’s flagship publication, and considered how religion factors into two British institutions: the monarchy (kind of) and the Premier League. Elsewhere:

• A handful of the many other responses to that Christianity Today editorial calling for Donald Trump to be removed from office: Michael Wear thought its impact would go far beyond any immediate effect it has on mass evangelical opinion… Thomas Kidd warned that “all Christian outlets, churches, and leaders need to count the cost of entering the partisan fray”… (see also this brief interview with a local Covenant pastor and Bethel alum)… Alex Morris saw prayers being answered… Warren Throckmorton thought that Trump’s Christian defenders were misapplying Romans 13.

• And if CT supporting impeachment doesn’t convince you that it’s not just a partisan witch hunt, can I interest you in editorials by a former Republican senator or a senior editor of the National Review?

• Yes, historians do have something meaningful to say about impeachment… though a key source on the framers’ intent is tricky to interpret.

Drawing of Andrew Johnson’s impeachment trial in 1868 – Wikimedia

• It’s been a difficult few years for American diplomats, but could the impeachment hearings actually benefit our foreign service?

• In other news, a Republican state legislator from Washington has been accused of domestic terrorism.

• If we want to avoid political polarization turning into political violence, social psychology offers one simple solution.

• Is my state’s senior senator starting to surge in Iowa?

• It’s hard to imagine any historian better suited to reflect on the challenges of writing for the general public than John Fea.

• He doesn’t write as much now that he’s editor-in-chief of Religion News Service, but Bob Smietana is always worth a read… even if you’re as lackluster a Star Wars fan as me.

• Meanwhile, my preferred Star-set sci fi series lost one of its greatest writers.

• I’m enjoying the new (for me) sensation of worshipping in my own neighborhood, but nationally, more Americans are taking a longer commute to get to church.

• Nationally, college enrollment dropped by about a quarter million students from last year. It’s now down 11% since 2011.

• Why are so many of the most successful coaches in women’s college volleyball men?

• Reporting on faith, football, and politics at Liberty University is getting to be a cottage industry…

• An oversight group is preparing to consider alternative models for the highest levels of college football and basketball.