How to Follow Along with Our WWI Trip

Later tonight twelve Bethel University students, my colleague Sam, and I will be flying off to London to start our three-week adventure studying the history of the First World War on location in England, Belgium, France, and Germany.

I don’t expect to do a lot of blogging during the trip (maybe a few tweets — follow @cgehrz). But if you’re a longtime reader — or if you just stumbled across this blog and would like an introduction to one of its most popular themes — you can “follow along” by using the chart below.

Day by day it suggests some blog reading that relates to what we’ll be up to that day: mostly posts from my summer 2011 series in which I thought through this very trip (some matched up closely, some got changed as details came together), but then a few other Pietist Schoolman posts on the history of the war and its commemoration and legacy, plus links to the Bethel History Department blog (AC 2nd) on days that I expect to post updates.


Where We’ll Be /
What We’ll Be Doing

Suggested Reading

Jan. 4

Arriving in London

Travel and Sojourning” or “Reclaiming Travel

Jan. 5

London: Touring memorials in Whitehall and Hyde Park Corner

Commemorating World War I:
Lest We Forget

Jan. 6

London: St Paul’s Cathedral, Museum of London

Suffrage, Empire, and Strikes

Jan. 7

London: National Army Museum (the Imperial War Museum is closed until June)

Cathedrals of the Modern World: London

Jan. 8

London: the Tate Britain

Nevinson’s War

Jan. 9

London: War Horse at the
New London Theatre

Not much on theatre in my oeuvre, but next closest is… “Great Films about the Great War

Jan. 10

Day trip to Oxford

Tolkien, Lewis, and the
Memory of War

Jan. 11

London: free day

Visit our department blog for my first update

Jan. 12

Touring battlefield and memorial sites near Ypres

What Have We Learned, Charlie Brown?” or “Last Post

Jan. 13

Touring sites near Vimy Ridge and the Somme

Commemorating World War I: Post-Christian Memory” or
The First War Documentary

Jan. 14

Touring American sites near Belleau and Château-Thierry

Text in Context: Readings for Our World War I Travel Course” or “Bennie and Mabel

Jan. 15

Paris: Arc de Triomphe, Eiffel Tower, and Les Invalides

Cathedrals of the Modern World: Paris and Ieper

Jan. 16

Day trip to Versailles

The Right Kind of Peace

Jan. 17

Paris: free day

Visit our department blog for my second update

Jan. 18

Paris: sites associated with American expatriates and Armenian refugees


Jan. 19

Traveling to Munich

A War of Words

Jan. 20

Munich: the Pinakothek der Moderne

Now Where?

Jan. 21

Munich: free day

I’ll be using my day off to visit the Nazi sites at Nuremberg, so maybe read… “This Day in History:
The Worst of Sinners

Jan. 22

Munich: walking tour of Nazi sites

The Capital of the Movement

Jan. 23

Day trip to Dachau

There’s No Crying in History: Teaching the Holocaust

Jan. 24

Flying home to Minneapolis-St. Paul

Loving War, Seeking Peace” or perhaps my series on how the war has been commemorated in Minnesota

After we get back, I’m sure I’ll have some reflections to share here (and some initial thoughts about my next new course — on the history of the Second World War), plus a couple of our students are planning to produce photo essays for their course research projects, which will also be published at the department blog.

Emil Krieger's Mourning Soldiers at Langemark Cemetery

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