That Was The Week That Was

A funeral made me reflect on Thanksgiving, the approach of Christmas made me consider some gift options for history buffs, and I filled in some holes in my knowledge about the Salvation Army. Elsewhere…

Creative Commons (Lorie Shaull)

• Speaking of Salvationists… Stephen Carter cautioned progressives against boycotting the Army’s activities because of its stance on marriage.

• Do I have to pick between being a Calvinist or an Enneagram fan?

• What economic inequality has to do with declining church attendance.

• In a decreasingly religious society, chaplains might play a much more important role.

• I was going to write a post for next week on “Advent as Adventure,” but fortunately someone else beat me to the punch.

• Nearly half of non-Christians hold a negative opinion of evangelicals.

• What does it mean to vote? If you are considering a third party option, you might find Dan Grubbs’ argument compelling.

• It doesn’t make him a great president (or past president), but in temperament, Barack Obama is as similar to me as any politician I’ve known.

• What Donald Trump has in common with the first president to be impeached.

• The “War on Christmas” is so 2015… Time for a new imaginary front in the culture wars.

• At the pre-Civil War peak of the movement, there were about five thousand Shakers. Now just two remain.

The Shaker library and schoolhouse at Sabbathday Village in Maine – Creative Commons (Tim Pierce)

• Some more advice if you’re looking to give (or receive) history books.

• Is it possible that monarchy is an essential component of (British) democracy?

• Guess which British monarch translated the Annals of Tacitus.

• My Modern Europe students are researching aspects of contemporary British history, so I’ve recommended some of them check out Michael Apted’s Seven Up documentary series, whose interviewees are now 63.

• As Americans debate plans for free college, they might want to look to the southern tip of the Americas for some lessons.

• BYU-Idaho reversed the policy that got them included on this links wrap last weekend.

• Even among college students who prioritize careers of service, women tend to choose less lucrative majors than men.

• The best album by one of my favorite rock bands turned fifty.