That Was The Week That Was


• If you’ve been waiting six years for me to blog about Wonder Woman… well, this was your lucky week.

• In addition to my own piece for Christianity Today, I shared a few links to other reflections on Memorial Day.

• And I wrote a sequel to last week’s Mike Pence post, this one inspired by his allusion to Romans 13.

…There and Everywhere

• Check out the blog of theologian Ben Rhodes, currently in the middle of a series on the problem of evil.

• Calling The Benedict Option a kind of “spiritual pornography” certainly got everyone’s attention, but also check out the more cautious, charitable review by Rowan Williams, which both affirmed Rod Dreher for challenging “the liberal state to honour its commitment to liberties of expression and belief” and found his rhetoric about sexuality “somehow jarring with the commendation of Benedictine hospitality and equanimity.”

• In the realignment of mainline denominations, Dale Coulter saw nothing less than “a new reformation.”

• While Kate Bowler wondered why the mainline produced so few celebrity pastors.

Trump at Memorial Day ceremony
Pres. Donald Trump placing a wreath at the Arlington National Cemetery’s Tomb of the Unknowns – Dept. of Defense

• One more Memorial Day-inspired post: Tracy McKenzie on military veterans as “monuments without inscriptions.”

• Yet again, Donald Trump has both made historical analogies tempting and revealed their inevitable limitations.

Franken, Giant of the Senate• As it happens, both of my state’s U.S. Senators are often mentioned as possible opponents for Trump in 2020. But only one of them needs to wrestle with the question of whether he should be funny.

• Are anti-Trump conservatives like Michael Gerson, David Frum, and Evan McMullin actually giving birth to a new movement of “neo-moderates“?

Debates over sexuality continued to bedevil Christian colleges and universities.

• My favorite Anxious Bench post of the week came from guest Will Katerberg, reflecting on the “slow cooking” of his Calvin College class on the history of water.