Happy Thanksgiving!

I’ve got a new post up today at The Anxious Bench, on the presence of three virtues in Abraham Lincoln’s original 1863 proclamation of a national day of thanksgiving.

But that’s all the blogging I plan to do this week.

Branscombe, "The First Thanksgiving at Plymouth"
Jennie Augusta Branscombe, “The First Thanksgiving at Plymouth” (1914) – Wikimedia

Enjoy your Thanksgiving, and we’ll hope to see you back here next week, when I plan posts on teaching, academic freedom, and what it means to engage in “soul-searching.”

I’ll leave you with the conclusion to my “Lincoln’s Thanksgiving” post:

Let this Thursday be something more like what Abraham Lincoln had in mind: an occasion to turn away from the future and choose to remember the past year with gratitude, to turn away from pride and see your limitations more clearly, and to turn away from selfishness and recommit to service and reconciliation.

One thought on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Soul searching. Soul searching. The first Thanksgiving at Plymouth. The whites praying and giving thanks to their god for stealing the land of the native Indians. For killing them with their sword and with their diseases, while the Indians sit at the white mans table also giving thanks? I do wonder what the Indians are giving thanks for? Their God given land brutally stolen from them? Their identity crushed, their way of life denigrated and decimated? Their women raped, their unborn and little children killed and mutilated? All in the name of a god that they did not know, had never known. All in the name of a god that the white man was giving thanks to, on this beautiful so called Thanksgiving day. Search your soul.

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