The Big Ten

This will it be for a couple of days, while I spend the weekend preparing for the launch of new look Pietist Schoolman. (In place of a That Was The Week That Was, I’ll post some links on the blog’s Facebook page.) Meanwhile, take a look back at the ten most-read posts in July:

  1. "Why Study History?" Wordle
    Wordle generated from Peter Stearns’ 1998 essay, “Why Study History?”

    In Dubiis Libertas: Opening Up the Sexuality Conversation at Christian Universities (Mark Bruce)

  2. Why Are There No Holidays in August?
  3. Is the History Major Dominated by the Upper Middle Class?
  4. The Spread of Technology since 1900
  5. Which Country (and Continent) Dominates Each Olympic Sport?
  6. Evangelicalism after Obergefell: Reformed and Always Reforming
  7. Two Christian Colleges Change Policy after the Obergefell Ruling
  8. The Benedict Option
  9. The Best National Anthems: Brazil
  10. Americans Love the Past, Not History

Honorable Mentions:

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