Year Four of The Pietist Schoolman

Pages turning on a calendarIt was four years ago Saturday that I began to blog here at The Pietist Schoolman. As ever, that anniversary leaves me humbled that so many of you take the time to read and comment! And grateful to Jared Burkholder and my other guest-bloggers for sharing their writing, especially as I’ve reduced my own blogging load a bit.

For the record, here are the twenty-five posts published in 2014-2015 that got the most attention: (Clearly I should turn every post title into a question!)

  1. The Best History Books of 2014?
  2. Alyce’s Song: Reflections on a Funeral
  3. Staying Christ-Centered: A Pietist Perspective (My Remarks to the Christian College Consortium)
  4. What’s the Evangelical Covenant Church? “Missional Pietists”
  5. Are Evangelicals Changing Their Minds about Homosexuality?
  6. Is Liberty University the “Protestant Notre Dame”?
  7. The Time for a (Long Overdue) Evangelical Conversation on Sexuality
  8. Bach and Pietism (Chuck King)
  9. Is (Responsible, Thoughtful) Hagiography Coming Back?
  10. Are These the Best Christian Colleges and Universities?
  11. Glen Stassen: Living the Sermon on the Mount (G.W. Carlson)
  12. What’s the Evangelical Covenant Church?
  13. Veterans Day (For Mike)
  14. Some Advice for Christians Who Think They’re Living in a “Time of Exile”
  15. Martin Luther, Child’s Plaything
  16. Live, from Lancaster County… It’s Jared Burkholder!
  17. Paper Clips as Relics, or Historical Research as an Encounter with the Sacred
  18. The “Farce” of Christian Higher Education
  19. What’s the Evangelical Covenant Church? “An Immigrant Church”
  20. Examining Institutional Memory (Jared Burkholder)
  21. When Colleges Close: Sweet Briar
  22. Non-Covenanters, Meet John Weborg
  23. Now Available for Preorder: The Pietist Vision of Christian Higher Education!
  24. Christian Colleges among Those Named by Department of Education for Financial Scrutiny
  25. “Who Do You Think You Are?”: On Doing Theology as a Non-Theologian

As always, that list is skewed towards posts from last summer and fall, since they’ve had longer to accumulate visits. The five from recent months that are most likely to climb the list:

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