Now Available for Preorder: The Pietist Vision of Christian Higher Education!

On Friday morning I sent back the index and corrected proofs for The Pietist Vision of Christian Higher Education: Forming Whole and Holy Persons; Friday afternoon I opened our mail to find said book gracing the pages of InterVarsity Press’ new titles announcement for Winter 2015. And then here it is at the IVP website.

I’m glad I don’t have to write my own publicity, but I like what IVP came up with:

Cover of The Pietist Vision of Christian Higher EducationPietism has long been ignored in evangelical scholarship. This is especially the case in the field of Christian higher education, which is dominated by thinkers in the Reformed tradition and complicated by the association of Pietism with anti-intellectualism. The irony is that Pietism from the beginning “was intimately bound up with education,” according to Diarmaid MacCulloch. But until now there has not been a single work dedicated to exploring a distinctively Pietist vision for higher education.

In this groundbreaking volume edited by Christopher Gehrz, scholars associated with the Pietist tradition reflect on the Pietist approach to education. Key themes include holistic formation, humility and openmindedness, the love of neighbor, concern for the common good and spiritual maturity. Pietism sees the Christian college as a place that forms whole and holy persons. In a pluralistic and polarized society, such a vision is needed now more than ever.

And given that so much of our “vision” is rooted in the past and present of Bethel University (and bears the continuing influence of former Bethel president Carl H. Lundquist), I appreciate that a picture of Bethel’s Great Hall and the Lundquist Community Life Center form the top panel of the book’s cover.

We’ll have lots more to say about the book as we get closer to the January 2015 release. But if you’ve read some earlier posts about it and are know you’re interested, you can already preorder from IVP, at the very reasonable price of $20.80!

Finally, for added amusement, behold the new headshot that I’ve been slowly rolling out and now graces my IVP author page:

My new headshot

Thanks to my dad — who has added photographer to his long list of skills — for taking one of the best portraits I’ve ever had.

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