How to Follow Our Trip in Europe

American Somme Cemetery at Bony, France
I’m not sure if we’ll visit the American Somme Cemetery outside Bony, France this time – but I still love this photo of it by my colleague Sam Mulberry (co-teaching again this year)

The blog is going to be quiet for much of the rest of the month, as I’ll be in Europe for three weeks teaching a Bethel University travel course on the history of World War I. It’s my second time teaching this course abroad, and if it’s anything like the first trip, it’ll be memorable. (And this time we’ll be able to visit the remodeled Imperial War Museum and hopefully take in some WWI centenary events.)

While I don’t expect to post anything here till the end of January, at earliest, you can follow our trip in three ways:

1. Follow me on Twitter. This time around I’ll finally have a smart phone and will try to do a better job taking and sharing photos in something close to real time.

2. We’ll also share photos — hopefully including some from our students — at our department’s Facebook page.

3. Finally, here’s our anticipated daily schedule, if you want to imagine yourselves in the places we’re going and perhaps read some of the primary sources we’ll be discussing:

Date Where We’re Going Who We’re Reading
1/7 London: Trafalgar Square, Whitehall, Hyde Park Corner Bertrand Russell, Rupert Brooke, Vera Brittain
1/8 London: the Imperial War Museum
1/9 London: the Tate Britain F.T. Marinetti,
C.R.W. Nevinson
1/10 Free day
1/11 London: St Paul’s Cathedral, Museum of London Emmeline Pankhurst,
Keir Hardie
1/12 Day trip to Oxford Vera Brittain, C.S. Lewis
1/13 London: student choice of museum T.S. Eliot
1/14 Ypres: Essex Farm, Langemark, “Last Post John McCrae, Adolf Hitler
1/15 Northern France: Vimy Ridge, the Somme Wilhelm Klemm, Wilfred Owen, Siegfried Sassoon, Vera Brittain
1/16 Northern France: the Somme (cont.) Woodrow Wilson (1914 and 1917), Eugene Debs, American war memoirs
1/17 Paris: Tour Eiffel, Arc de Triomphe,
Armenian cathedral, Les Invalides
1/18 Paris: American Church, expat sites Ezra Pound, W.E.B. DuBois
1/19 Free day
1/20 Day trip to Versailles Woodrow Wilson,
Treaty of Versailles, Vera Brittain
1/21 Travel to Munich Ernst Jünger
1/22 Munich: Communist and National Socialist sites Rosa Luxemburg, 1920 NSDAP Program, White Rose pamphlet
1/23 Free day
1/24 Day trip to Dachau
1/25 Munich: Frauenkirche, Pinakothek der Moderne Tristan Tzara

And if you’re interested in learning more about the war, click here for some more suggestions.

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