That Was The Week That Was

A week that began with me celebrating my third anniversary blogging as The Pietist Schoolman ends with just a quick links wrap today, as I’m in the middle of attending the annual meeting of the Covenant Church. Next week I’ll come back to my question about that denomination…

(I did find time waiting for my flight to O’Hare in which to write a quick post at our digital history blog — which I introduced here earlier in the week.)


C.R.W. Nevinson, Paths of Glory (1917)
C.R.W. Nevinson, Paths of Glory (1917) – Imperial War Museum

• Looks like we’re not the only university to hop on the WWI centennial bandwagon. (H/T Terilyn Huntington)

• Back in the earliest days of this blog, one of the most popular posts was about one of the most important British artists of C.R.W. Nevinson, the subject of a recent BBC report. (H/T Diana Magnuson)

• A good warning for me as I enthuse about Pietism: “…the more we pour ourselves into Christian study and thought, the more likely we are to become profoundly convicted and impassioned by a specific vein of study or a denominational tradition.”

• World Vision “appears to be steering the ship in a more evangelical direction in an attempt to shore up the base of its support” — in part by hiring Leith Anderson, the Minnesota pastor who serves as president of the National Association of Evangelicals.

• And hey, look who preached at the Evangelical Covenant Church’s annual meeting yesterday night!

• Very interesting to see what’s changed about American evangelicalism in Roger Olson’s long experience of it. Like, say, this memory from Roger’s youth: “We fully expected that someday, probably in our own lifetimes, society and even government would arrest us and possibly even torture us for our fervent loyalty to Jesus Christ above ‘this world.'”

Grant Hill in 2007
Here’s a hint: he’s on the best team as assembled by major… (Creative Commons: Keith Allison)

Pope Francis weighed in on the persecution of Christians around the world.

• I don’t normally regret missing meetings of the Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations, but based on Religion in American History posts by Mark Edwards and Dan Hummel, I wish I’d been there to see the “religious” turn in action.

• Here’s some free advice: if you’d like to guarantee your intellectual history blog post a spot on this august list of links, then write about Star Trek.

• Why “education is about finding identity as image bearers” — and good teaching is about changing lives.

• Have you ever wondered what would happen if you constructed all-time NBA all-star teams based on players’ college majors? You have now.

• And is Twitter to soccer what radio was to baseball?

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