Sweet Virginia: Taking a Week Off

“Trying to stop the waves behind your eyeballs” is too strong, but it does feel like I need a vacation. So while my wife, kids, and I spend a week visiting my parents in southwestern Virginia, I’m going to leave the laptop behind and take a break from blogging.

In the meantime, if you do stumble across this site and are wondering what it’s about… Yesterday’s post on this blog’s first year of existence does list the twenty-five most popular posts so far in its history; it’s a pretty good cross-section of what gets discussed here.

But my view of what’s an interesting post isn’t always shared by my audience… So for each of the blogging categories I most often use, here are two or three somewhat less widely read posts to get you started:

New Bill James Historical AbstractArt



Current Events


Gallipoli PosterFilms


Less Serious






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