That Was The Month That Was: History and Education

Part two of my attempt to curate some of what I read while traveling this month. Yesterday I focused on Christianity; today, articles and blog posts about history and education. • Now that we’re in the year 2017, the floodgates have opened on pieces about the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. Among many others writing … More That Was The Month That Was: History and Education

British Christian Responses to Brexit

Not long before Britons voted in a referendum to leave the European Union, I wrote an Anxious Bench post surveying some Christian statements about “Brexit.” Now that it’s been a week since that vote, I thought I’d share a few responses and postmortems from and about British Christians: • Earlier surveys had predicted that practicing Christians would be the religious group most likely to … More British Christian Responses to Brexit

British Christians Debate “Brexit”

In 1975 Great Britain held a referendum on its 1973 admission to what was then still the European Economic Community. By a two-to-one margin, British voters ratified their country’s new role in Europe. In nine days, they will revisit that decision with another referendum, one that could well end with Britain negotiating a withdrawal from the European … More British Christians Debate “Brexit”

That Was The Week That Was

Here… • Can a Pietist institution redefine and renew Christian higher education? That’s the plan. • Advice of the week to churches: don’t overlook college professors when filling leadership positions. • Thanks again to Devin Manzullo-Thomas for joining us on this week’s Pietist Schoolman Podcast! • The polls are still open this weekend if you’d like to vote for a … More That Was The Week That Was

That Was The Week That Was

Thanks to G.W. Carlson (paying tribute to Baptist geneticist Elving Anderson) and Jared Burkholder (shedding light on the history of the prosperity gospel) for keeping this blog from total inactivity while I extended my break from blogging to work on an article due next Tuesday. Elsewhere this past week in the blogosphere… • Courtesy of the Pew Research Center, here’s … More That Was The Week That Was

WWI at 100: Commemoration and “Political Correctness”

A few days into this centenary year of its beginning, the First World War is already prompting controversy: Yesterday New York Times Europe correspondent Alan Cowell checked in with an update on what remains an open question among historians: Was the outbreak of war primarily due to the reckless, cynical ambitions of German military and … More WWI at 100: Commemoration and “Political Correctness”