That Was The Week That Was

This week I questioned my own skepticism about miraculous healing. Elsewhere: • Half of the country’s Christian congregations have 65 or fewer attenders — half what the attendance level was at the start of the century. • Meanwhile, not quite half of Americans have watched church online during the COVID pandemic — and one-third of them don’t normally … More That Was The Week That Was

That Was The Week That Was

I considered a Twitter controversy about plants, the notion of “comfort colleges,” and the impact of the First World War on Native American identity. Elsewhere: • “America is at an awkward age,” began Elizabeth Stice’s thoughtful essay on history and heritage. “We are old enough to be embarrassed by our parents, but not mature enough … More That Was The Week That Was

“I paid $120,000… to accept a four-year degree in a language I already spoke”

I like comedian John Mulaney a lot. Which must be welcome news to comedian John Mulaney, since he claims to need “everybody, all day long, to like me so much” in his popular Netflix special, Kid Gorgeous at Radio City. “It’s exhausting.” But also hilarious — even brilliant. Skip ahead to 7:21 in this Stephen … More “I paid $120,000… to accept a four-year degree in a language I already spoke”

Christianity, Comedy, and Joy

There are other things I’d love to see my university get recognized for, but if hilarious pictures of our nationally-ranked football team are going to get Bethel publicity, so be it. Apparently, this all started a few years back when now-assistant coach Jesse Phenow (also a Pietist Schoolman guest-blogger, I should point out) took this picture. When roster photo-taking time rolled … More Christianity, Comedy, and Joy