Why Go to College?

My new podcast with Sam Mulberry, College for Christians, launched last week, with the two of us sharing our stories of college admissions. But if you missed the debut, today’s new episode is a great place to start — in fact, I think we’ll come back to it in virtually every other episode we record this spring:

We talked through the many reasons why Americans go to college.

The Wren Building
The Wren Building – College of William and Mary

While about two-thirds of high school graduates spend at least some time in postsecondary education, we urged listeners to think of college as something more than just grades 13-16. Using some data from UCLA’s HERI survey of college freshmen, we considered a wide variety of motives and objectives, including job training and career preparation, the desire to form relationships and experience community, intellectual and spiritual development, and the sheer joy of learning.

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