The Debut of Our Newest Podcast: College for Christians

Tonight I’m happy to announce the debut of our newest podcast:

The latest in many collaborations between Sam Mulberry and me, College for Christians is a weekly series of half-hour conversations meant to help Christian high school students and their parents navigate the incredibly complex world of higher education: not just picking a college, but how to thrive once you start that phase of your life.

As some of you may recall, I’ve been toying with writing a book on this theme ever since I wrapped up my spiritual biography of Charles Lindbergh. But as with my book on Pietism with Mark Pattie, it occurred to me this winter that it might be helpful first to think out loud about the topic before I start writing about it, and to solicit some questions and comments from potential readers in the process.

And Sam is an ideal partner for the podcast! Not only is he a great college teacher who also help heads up Bethel’s services for advising and tutoring, but his kids are a lot closer to the college decision than mine.

In today’s debut episode, we simply shared our own stories: both the colleges we applied to, what drew us to them, and how we made our decisions, plus what brought us back to higher ed for our careers and some of what we’ve learned about the admissions process as professors and advisors. Then the next three weeks we’ll talk through why people go to college, the wide (wide!) variety of options available, and the various types of Christian approaches to higher ed.

As the series continues, we hope to start interviewing people who work in admissions and financial aid, and to talk about everything from academics and athletics to online education and the blurring line between high school and college. If you have comments, questions, or episode ideas, just send us an email.

You can find College for Christians at Podbean, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and other podcast providers. Thanks in advance for listening!