Watch My First Lindbergh Talk on YouTube

Thanks again to Christian Winn and the people of Colonial Church for hosting me last Thursday night as part of their Faith and Humanities series. It was my first time giving a talk on my spiritual biography of Charles Lindbergh, and I’m not sure it could have gone any better!

The lecture itself took about seventy minutes — enough time to share a short version of Lindbergh’s “spiritual but not religious” story, then reflect on some of the different “images” (including the image of God) that we see in a biography of someone as complicated as Charles Lindbergh. Finally, we closed with about 20 minutes of Q&A, with some those who Zoom-ed asking great questions or sharing encouraging feedback.

If you weren’t able to be there live and (virtually) in person, you can watch the streamed video that’s still hosted on YouTube:

We’re now less than five months away from publication. So doing a book talk at this point felt a bit like when musicals would open in a place like New Haven to work out some kinks before hitting Broadway. But things went smoothly enough that I’m already starting to think about how we can take Lindbergh on the road (literally or virtually) after the mid-August release.

So… if you enjoy this YouTube preview and think your church, college, school, library, or other organization might be interested in hosting its own Lindbergh talk or class in 2021-2022, we should talk.