Wednesday’s Podcast: Art and Pandemics

Today Amy Poppinga and I wrapped up our podcast series on Pandemics and the Liberal Arts with an episode on art.

Thanks to our Bethel colleagues Amanda Hamilton and Wayne Roosa for a really rich conversation about the importance of art within the larger curriculum of the liberal arts, how art has provided catharsis and meaning in the midst of pandemics and other catastrophes, what’s especially challenging about teaching art online, and some of what Amanda and Wayne are up to beyond the classroom as working artists. (Click those links to find their personal websites, which, of course, look better than mine.)

Amanda Hamilton and Wayne Roosa

Special thanks to Amanda for sharing some of what she’s been reading in this season: art critic, curator, and educator David Pagel’s recent L.A. Times piece on what’s lost teaching on Zoom; and Art Can Help, a set of essays by photographer Robert Adams.

Go to Podbean or Apple Podcasts to download or stream this episode and its predecessors in this series: mathematics, psychology, philosophy, and history. Thanks to Amy for co-hosting, Sam Mulberry for producing, and all of you for listening!