Wednesday’s Podcast: Mathematics and Pandemics

On this week’s episode of Pandemics and the Liberal Arts, I enjoying chatting with my colleague Nathan Gossett, chair of Bethel’s Department of Math and Computer Science. It’s hard to think of another time when math has been so prominent in American public discourse, so it seemed like a good moment to talk with Nathan about … More Wednesday’s Podcast: Mathematics and Pandemics

Wednesday’s Podcast: Pandemics and Psychology

Having spent the first two episodes of our new Pandemics and the Liberal Arts podcast on history and philosophy, Amy Poppinga and I wanted to get beyond the humanities and into the sciences. (Which, I’ve lamented before, are not always treated as full participants in the liberal arts.) So this week we talked to our Bethel colleague … More Wednesday’s Podcast: Pandemics and Psychology

Wednesday’s Podcast: Pandemics and Philosophy

On this week’s second episode of Pandemics and the Liberal Arts, Amy Poppinga and I talked to our friend and colleague Sara Shady about the significance of philosophy in the midst of COVID-19. It was fantastic! Sara primarily talked about ethics — how doctors, nurses, researchers, and others make decisions about health care during a pandemic; … More Wednesday’s Podcast: Pandemics and Philosophy

Introducing Our Newest Podcast: “Pandemics and the Liberal Arts”

Last week I was chatting with my Bethel colleague Amy Poppinga. As we compared notes on how classes are going now that we’ve moved online, we both realized the wide variety of ways we’re using history to help students think about COVID-19. In fact, this pandemic has left both of us feeling even more confident … More Introducing Our Newest Podcast: “Pandemics and the Liberal Arts”