2019: That Was The Year That Was

In place of my usual weekend links wrap, this final Saturday in 2019 I’ll just reveal what was most popular in a busy year: blog posts (here and at The Anxious Bench), podcast episodes, and links I share in That Was The Week That Was. Thanks for reading, listening, and clicking, and have a Happy New Year!

Top 10 Pietist Schoolman Posts in 2019

  1. Beyond Yes or No: Covenant History and the Third Way (Hauna Ondrey)
  2. I paid $120,000… to accept a four-year degree in a language I already spoke
  3. Harmony and Liberty in the Covenant Church (Phil Anderson)
  4. The “Next Chapter” in Christian Liberal Arts Education
  5. I’m a Pietist
  6. Another Congregation Leaves the Covenant Church
  7. The Average Christian College President
  8. Hoping for Better Times after Omaha
  9. On Christianity Today Calling for Trump’s Removal from Office
  10. RIP Kimberly Weaver Olson
Many of the most popular posts here (and my 2nd most-read at Anxious Bench) had to do with the Covenant Church voting in favor of the involuntary dismissal of one of its oldest congregations, First Covenant of Minneapolis

Top 10 Anxious Bench Posts in 2019

  1. The Legacy of Rachel Held Evans (with Kristin Kobes Du Mez and Beth Allison Barr)
  2. The Sexuality Debate Dividing an Evangelical Denomination
  3. It’s Not Just Evangelicals: Trump and Mainline Protestantism
  4. Baptists (and Other Christians) Against Christian Nationalism
  5. Can Evangelicals Support Religious Freedom and LGBT Rights? (interview with Shirley Hoogstra)
  6. “Teaching was unrighteous for a girl”: The History of Violence Against Women Preachers
  7. Red State Christians (interview with Angela Denker)
  8. The History of Moral Re-Armament
  9. The Honest Patriotism of Frederick Douglass
  10. Beyond Red Kettles and Chick-fil-A: Some History of the Salvation Army

Top 5 Podcasts in 2019

  1. Nothing Rhymes with Gehrz Old, Coinage, Epiphany, etc.
  2. The Pietist Schoolman Podcast – Live from Paris
  3. The 252 – Our Sports Biographies
  4. The 252 – The Mount Rushmore of Baseball History
  5. The 252 – The Super Bowl
Our top two podcasts of the year were recorded on iPhones in European hostels, as Sam Mulberry and I led a group of Bethel students on a World War I travel course. Here’s our group at the Canadian National Memorial in Vimy, France.

Top 20 Most-Clicked Links in 2019

  1. Ruth Graham, “‘I Did Not Die. I Did Not Go to Heaven’” (Slate)
  2. David Brooks, “The Case for Reparations“(New York Times)
  3. Lili Wright, “DePauw’s Big Mess On Campus” (Indianapolis Monthly)
  4. Jennifer Day, “He was hired to teach at Olivet Nazarene University. And then someone read his book” (Chicago Tribune)
  5. Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra, “Tuition Is Rising and Enrollment Is Holding. So Why Are Christian Colleges Struggling?” (The Gospel Coalition)
  6. Tish Harrison Warren, “The Church Made Vagina Sculptures Long Before Nadia Bolz-Weber” (Christianity Today)
  7. Laura Turner, “Sixteen and Evangelical” (Slate)
  8. Scott Hoezee, “Confessional?” (Reformed Journal)
  9. Rick Seltzer, “Cuts Spark Fears at Azusa Pacific” (Inside Higher Ed)
  10. Scott Jaschik, “Another Private College May Close” (Inside Higher Ed)
  11. William Trollinger, “White Jesus at Westmont College: The Controversy” (Righting America)
  12. Adelle Banks, “Billy Graham archives to move from Wheaton College to his North Carolina library” (RNS)
  13. Warren Throckmorton, “Former Liberty University Faculty Member Describes Workplace as ‘Shifty, Dishonorable, Unprincipled, and Hypocritical’
  14. John Fea, “Taylor University President Lowell Haines Has Resigned After Serving Three Years” (The Way of Improvement Leads Home)
  15. Benjamin Perry, “The Problem is Sinful Masculinity, Not Effeminacy” (Sojourners)
  16. Amy Peterson, “Mike Pence will speak at this evangelical school’s graduation in his home state. Here’s why many are upset” (Washington Post)
  17. Judy Peterson, “Why I sacrificed my chaplain’s job and my reputation to marry a same-sex couple” (RNS)
  18. Tegan Hanlon, “Facing $130 million budget cut by Dunleavy, University of Alaska braces for big budget decisions ahead” (Anchorage Daily News)
  19. John Fea, “Netflix released a new documentary on the secretive religious group ‘The Family.’ Despite its flaws, it’s a must see” (Washington Post)
  20. David French, “Jerry Falwell Jr. Shows How the Advance of Christendom Can Harm Christianity” (National Review)