Friday’s Podcast: Live from London with My Parents

We’re now a couple of days into our “World Wars in Western Europe” tour, with today’s visit to the Imperial War Museum following yesterday’s walking tour of war memorials in central London.

When Sam Mulberry and I did a longer version of this tour this past January with Bethel students, we improvised a couple of “live” podcasts. They went well enough that Sam brought along some more equipment this time, and we’re planning to record a short podcast every two or three days – not featuring Sam and me, but the people on the trip with us.

Who better to kick things off than Elaine and Dick Gehrz of Pulaski, Virginia – a.k.a., my Mom and Dad!

Elaine, Chris, and Dick Gehrz in London
An after dinner photo tonight at the St Katharine Docks – photo by Sherri Berry

Mom and Dad haven’t been to London since 1993, so we started with their impressions of how the city has and hasn’t changed in a quarter-century. Then I asked them what had stood out so far on the tour. They did great, focusing on WWI and discussing everything from nursing to commemoration to the strange strategies of that war.

You can stream or download this episode from Podbean. We’ll have another early next week, after our tour visits the former Western Front.