Wednesday’s Podcast: Making the Case for Indy Car and Horse Racing

To varying degrees, I’m a fan of the most prominent team sports in America: baseball, basketball, football, hockey, and soccer. But I’m less familiar with two other kinds of athletic competition that have deep histories, distinctive cultures, and significant fanbases: horse racing and auto racing. So this week on The 252, we asked Sam to tell us about his love of horse racing, and brought in our friend Sara Shady to talk about growing up in Indiana as a fan of IndyCar racing. It turned into a fascinating conversation about the definition of team sports, the visceral appeal of such competitions, and more.

Ralph Mulford driving the Mercedes he raced in the 1913 Indianapolis 500 – Library of Congress

In addition, Sara took part in our final Final Four discussion, we started to talk about gambling and sports (look for a more in-depth discussion in a future episode), Chris Moore explained the significance of Tiger Woods’ stunning victory at the Masters, and I shared a tidbit from golf history (via one of the students in my World War II class).

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