Wednesday’s Podcast: Sports Movies

I’m not sure why early April seemed like a good moment to devote part of a 252 episode to film… but I’m glad we did! This week Chris, Sam, and I each nominated three films for a hypothetical Mount Rushmore of sports movies. Vote below for your top four choices!

More importantly, we talked about the mythic quality of sports storytelling on screen, archetypes of underdogs and villains, how sports movies might fill a space vacated by war films, and whether great sports movies are actually great movies.

Also this week on The 252: I’m still alive in our March Madness bracket competition; why certain teams are as loathed by others as they are loved by their own fans; and the implications of a new sports mascot/nickname debate, this one prompted by the mass shooting last month at a mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand.

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